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Practice Areas

At Black CPA & Associates, we offer a broad range of services to help our clients meet their financial needs and goals. Here is an overview of what we can provide to you and your business.


Individual Taxes

We are committed to you. Bottom line. We go beyond simply preparing your tax returns. We want to work with you all year in order to help you with current and future tax planning strategies in order to ultimately minimize your taxation. We can creatively and comprehensively help you meet your long-term financial goals.

Corporate/Partnership Taxes

At Black CPA & Associates, we have a variety of skills and expertise in the various business entities.  Our team can provide the compliance and consulting services that work towards your tax plan.

Estate & Trust Taxes

Our goal is to work directly with our clients, their families, their financial advisors and attorneys so that we ensure your short term and long-term wealth transfer goals are met.

Business Advisory


We are prepared to help you with all potential consulting needs. We want to be your right hand partner to answer any questions concerning making smart choices for your business or practice. These might include start up decisions like what type of business entity to form, any and all financial decisions like smart investments to make, property decisions or even types of software to buy to increase your effectiveness, and streamlining work processes like work flow, month end reports and the like. Additionally, we can prepare and present you with a Business Performance Analysis (BPA) or a Practice Performance Analysis (PPA) that will greatly assist you with setting and reaching your company's financial goals. Let us be your sounding board. 



We know that in order to grow and maintain a strong business, you need sound financial numbers to make both daily and long term decisions. We can offer you an accounting system that aids with both compliance and strategic planning.

At Black CPA & Associates, we have multiple ways that we can help our clients maintain a strong accounting system while complying with the numerous tax and regulatory agencies. We can do anything from outsourcing a client complete bookkeeper services, or simply reviewing a company's own internal accounting. You name it. 


Wealth Management


With Black CPA & Associates, we desire to help our clients manage their entire financial portfolios. We can help you make investment decisions and understand the tax implications of your investments and earnings. Through our partnership with Certified Financial Planners, we provide you with the highest level of service in managing your assets.

Retirement Planning


Both understanding and planning for your retirement can be a daunting endeavor. With our help and through our partnership with Certified Financial Planners, you can be fully prepared for that day. We will establish and implement a clear retirement plan that is individually catered to your needs and desires when it comes to your financial security.


If you own a business or run a practice, we can also prepare and administer retirement plans for your employees. Providing this top-notch service for your staff will make working at your place of business more attractive and competitive. Setting up this service is easier than you think. Let us put you on the path to success.

IRS Resolution

Getting a notice from the IRS can be scary and confusing. These can include notices of incorrect filing, information concerning past due taxes, and warnings of potential audits. This is where we come in. We have the expertise to respond to these notices and the tools to begin to solve each issue. We have your back and we will walk you through each necessary step to take care of the problem with the least possible financial implication for you. With our help, turn the complex and daunting IRS notice into a manageable matter. 

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